Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hey peps

First blog i have ever done, going to update this every now and again with random rants about the world and talk about some things that interest me.

The first rant i'm going to have is about global warming and the seemingly pointlessness issue that it is.
I understand global warming, i can see how it could work and i understand the implications of it but this is my problem.Why is it that the weather has not even changed that much yet scientists are predicting certain things and trends to occur when the simple fact is we have no clue how our effect on the environment is going to pan out.

The carbon dioxide we release in to the atmosphere is constantly going through the carbon cycle anyway, all we are doing is releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere faster than it should be, we will be running out of these fossil fuels in the next 100 or so the planet will be able to restore the balance if there is global warming because of us anyway. This "global warming" scare seems to me to be more of a way of the governments trying to cut down on our use of these resources until there is a alternative fuel.

The thing im worried about is not global warming but the rate in which we use fossil fuels and other resources, the whole global warming issue should be a non issue as we should be looking for alternative ways to power our vehicles and homes anyway.Otherwise we will be running out of essential tools needed for our modern everyday lives.

We as humanity are living beyond our means and are already consuming more that what the Earth can produce in a year, when we run down these stores, when the global population increases even further the next financial problem wont be a "credit crunch" were people have to cut back on the luxuries of life it will be a much worse issue where the poorest people wont be able to afford food and the well off people will find it increasingly difficult. The problem can be seen , and always has been seen in third world countries where there just isn't enough for everyone. This will happen to developed countries as well sometime in the future,due to the increase in population. So maybe we should stop focusing on global warming and start focusing on ways to sustain humanity without it being thrown into chaos.

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